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Building Open Source Communities

Asking the right questions

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Once we’ve figured all that out…

Like the Golden Gate Bridge

“Galloping Gertie”

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The chaotic dimensionality of community building is far too complex for anyone to understand.

But we can use some metaphors, such as bridges, engineering, and “tensegrity”—tensional integrity—to understand how communities work.

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Believing “Contradictions”

Believing “contradictions”

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good. bad.

love hate

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alike. different.

should shouldn’t

easy hard

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altruistic selfish

need don’t need

important. unimportant.

a genius. an idiot.

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good. good.

naturally. artificially.

Communities develop naturally

Communities also die naturally

unified. diverse.

A community needs to share a set of core values, but also allow honest differences of opinion on side issues.

Is there a technological fix?

Is there a technological fix? Yes!

Is there a technological fix? No!

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Автор: Larry Wall